It’s been quite a long time since our last update, but we’ve made a lot of progress.

Since our most recent gameplay video showing a prototype of a Campaign/Encounter pairing, Hong and I have been hard at work for a couple of months developing new character art, entirely new environment tilesets, and have effectively rebooted the project’s codebase.


The new encounter map generator uses an artist-friendly Unity-powered ‘section designer’ tool and enables us to combine hand-designed terrain sections with the natural re-playability of procedurally generated maps.

Another big change is the switch from an orthographic camera to a perspective one, albeit a perspective camera with a rather shallow (~30 degree) FOV. We’ve also made the jump to deferred lighting, which was perhaps inevitable – with our maps constructed piece-by-piece at runtime, we cannot bake any lights, so we’ve no real choice but to rely on dynamic lighting.

Now that we’ve spent the past couple of months creating all the underlying systems, we’re currently writing gameplay code again. This means we’ll have the new encounter (combat) engine playable by Christmas, and look forward to creating our first big gameplay video around January.