After surviving what’s honestly felt like a gauntlet of campaign prototypes that just didn’t feel right, we’ve finally found what we feel to be the ideal marriage of campaign and battle systems.

Armed with a clearer vision of the final game design, we’re now settling down for two more months development. Our first priority is rewriting the procedural level generation system and room design tools; now that we’ve had real, breathing humans play our game it’s clear that the battle maps need to become smaller, more open and thematic in order to better support the campaign and the more enjoyable aspects of the turn-based combat system.

So, before I stripped out the far-reaching traces of the map system I thought I’d record a video of a simple battle, because it’ll be at least a few weeks until our battles are playable again. You’ll be able to see in this build we’ve had loot, half and full cover and a combat model for some time. This is also the first time we’ve shown our first humanoid character, the player’s droid. We’re working on an enemy equivalent, but until that’s designed we’ve been using a scout drone that Hong made some time ago for the project, which will later become a minor support unit, perhaps usable by enemy and friendly forces.