Night of the Life-Challenged and Pulse-Impaired is a simple gameplay prototype that I devised and developed in May of 2013. It was built over a period of 8 days in the Unity engine and resulted in a single playable turn-based-combat level that pit the player against a graveyard teaming with zombies, with nothing but three men and a little luck at their disposal.

The purpose of this project was twofold: to rapidly prototype a turn-based tactical combat system in order to begin forming plans (schemes, even) for the development of a ‘serious’ system in the future for what would become project Struggle, and to help gauge if this project could indeed be developed in a (relatively) timely manner by a part-time artist and moonlighting programmer.

The resultant experience left me not only confident that we could build this type of game with our limited time and resources, but the ‘taste’ of this development excited me in ways not fit for publication, and the sensation has not dulled since.

*Known hardware-cursor issue with OSX version.